Thank you for visiting our website which must have given you a broad insight into our organisation’s salient features, product profile, our accomplishments and our Mission and Vision.

ACME Group is a conglomerate of leading specialty services rendering firms operating across Nepal. Since, ACME Group’s inception in 1998, we’ve grown from a local consulting engineering firm to a leading conglomerate group of companies, with national reach and expertise in engineering, design, environmental sciences, construction services, trading & manufacturing facilities. our companies have enumerated a steady and consistent growth in our operations despite the challenges presented by an ever-changing world. Our commitment to our vision and culture has helped us maintain focus and strategically grow our organization through diversification, as well as adding and retaining talented individuals that continually make remarkable things happen.

Each project is unique, but we bring the same level of skill, expertise, and quality to every engagement. We have been consistently investing in technology & resources to enhance the efficiency at our operation levels so that we can pass the benefit of our engineering and quality endeavours to our customers. Our team works to maintain our high standard of quality while delivering projects on time and within budget. Our 20-year history has developed long-lasting relationships with architects, engineers, clients, property owners, and governmental agencies. Our constant endeavour is to reduce overall costs, while continuing to offer the consumers the highest quality products.

We consider ourselves the leading Concrete Engineering Firm in Nepal and we approach projects large and small with the same efficiency and effectiveness. Our business philosophy based on delivering value to our stakeholders constantly inspires our people to innovate, excel and set new global bench marks. Our employees share a strong company culture of safety and hard work, adhering to our thoughts & plans very effectively. Our Company has reported growth through improved efficiencies, economies of scale and strategic decisions of providing effective application based product solutions to our customers.

Gathering up traditional construction craft and combining with 21st century building technology, we are translating these two forces into outstanding value through professional consultation and the superior structural repair, conservation and restoration of buildings, plants & infrastructures. Our multi-cultural work force gives us strength and provides quality products and services to the growing civil engineering sector in the country. 

We work in the industrial, government, facilities, commercial, landfill, energy, and transportation industries, and are experts at navigating complexity of every description, from adverse land and soil conditions to compliance and regulations. 

We are engineers. We are scientists. We are designers. We have the versatility you need and the experience that matters.

“Over 20 years we have worked extremely hard to become the leaders in the fields of repair & material consultation, supply of high quality construction goods & specialty contracting.” I congratulate my Team for their commitment to lead ACME Group to greater heights and challenging goals.


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